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The world’s go-to brand & supplier for custom Ceramic mug

MugFactory will be the first brand that comes to mind when the world thinks about customized Ceramic Mug. We aim to become the world’s most trustworthy, well-known Ceramic Mug brand & supplier.

About MugFactory

One destination for everything custom Ceramic mug

Since 1994, MugFactory has been focusing on the production of ceramic mug, which has always maintained sincerity and love, integrating ceramic art into everyone’s daily life, and is committed to providing global customers with ceramic mug and customization services.

As an innovative ceramic mug manufacturer, we help brands churn out best-selling products, helping them with the design, selection, production, and marketing of stunning ceramic mug.

MugFactory in figures:


Years of Business


Country Market Distribution

100 million

Annual Cups Production


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Our Green Philosophy

As the world continues to pay attention to green development, low-carbon and digital development will certainly be the driving force of future development. Mugfactory has been adhering to the green development concept of low-carbon environmental protection, focusing on the “let production and nature symbiosis” to take actions, committed to energy conservation and emission reduction, and protect the human homeland with scientific and technological innovation.

In recent years, the company has fully realized the recovery and utilization of kiln waste heat, piloted solar photovoltaic power generation, phased out some non- energy saving motors, gradually replaced diesel forklift trucks, and constantly promoted the use of energy-saving kiln tools, carried out energy-saving diagnosis projects with the third party from SGS, and started the application of green factories in Hunan Province. In addition, in 2021, the company will put the smart logistics Center project into use, and pay more attention to reducing environmental damage and energy conservation while using science and technology to expand production capacity.

Go Green With Sustainably Responsible Ceramic Mugs
Art. Quality. Lots of love.

Art. Quality. Lots of love.

At our custom ceramic mug factory, we understand the profound value of love and sincerity. Through our artisanal craftsmanship, we aim to capture and express the genuine emotions that make each personalized mug a unique work of art. Love and sincerity are the driving forces behind our creative process, ensuring that every mug we produce becomes a heartfelt expression of affection, appreciation, or celebration. By infusing these qualities into our products, we strive to create an enduring connection between individuals and their cherished moments.

Our approach to business is deeply rooted in the pursuit of win-win outcomes. We believe that sustainable success lies in creating mutual benefits for our cooperative customers. By fostering collaborative relationships, we not only listen to our customers’ visions and requirements but also share our expertise to co-create exceptional ceramic mugs that exceed expectations. Our commitment to win-win is reflected in our competitive pricing, reliable delivery, and commitment to quality. We take pride in nurturing long-term partnerships that go beyond transactional engagements, ensuring shared growth, and a sense of fulfillment for all involved.

A quarter of the mugs come from Liling

Liling ceramic production began in the Han Dynasty, flourished in the Song Dynasty, and flourished in the Qing Dynasty, with a history of nearly two thousand years. Since its development, Liling has become a famous historical and cultural city of Chinese ceramics and the capital of Chinese ceramics.

Every Liling porcelain person knows that after traveling across the ocean and going abroad, Liling porcelain is not only “China” (porcelain), but also represents “CHINA” (China). Therefore, Liling stoneware has always been produced in strict accordance with international standards. Not only that, in 2010 Liling also put pressure on itself and established the country’s first local standard for daily-use stoneware, which set strict requirements for the production process of daily-use stoneware. The verification of a Grade A product requires multiple tests such as weight, size, shape, color value, glossiness, etc.

As a foreign trade ceramics production base, more than 90% of Liling’s daily-use porcelain products are exported and are sold in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, with export volume ranking first in the country. According to statistics, one out of every four ceramic cups in the world is produced in Liling.

Our Core Values

These are some of the values we live by, as a company. We work by them, too: we’re building a platform and product we believe in knowing there is real value to be gained from helping people, wherever they are, simplify whatever it is that they do and bring more of themselves to their work.


Our customers are our reason for existence. With unwavering commitment and focus, we start with the customer in every decision and action we make.


We care for and seek alignment with our customers, employees, vendors, and shareholders for life-long relationships that foster a shared future for mutual success.


We continuously strive for the highest efficiency and effectiveness in all of our business processes and functions. One success is another beginning.


Success without integrity is a failure. We either do things the right way or not do it at all. We uphold the highest standards that earns us trust in everything we do.


We embrace and cultivate individual passions to drive innovation and invention, while maximizing individual talent. We encourage ambitious goals to stimulate progress.


Everyday, the world is changing. We embrace change with an open mind, understanding that every change is an opportunity for improvement.

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