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One destination for everything custom mugs

With MugFactory, getting highly customized mugs has never been easier. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, you can get enterprise-grade service and custom mug solutions.

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Custom Mold Making

Based on the sample or drawing of the shape you provide, we can create a custom mold for you and provide samples that meet your requirements for different shapes.

Logo Customization

We offer logo sampling services, as well as ODM/OEM customization for your products. We specialize in various paper crafting techniques and can provide fast samples according to your specifications.

Craftsmanship Customization

Our factory offers a variety of post-processing techniques to meet your diverse requirements for different product effects and presentation styles. We can tailor the craftsmanship to create the desired outcomes for your products.

Packaging Customization

For each product, we provide specialized packaging design services to meet different packaging requirements. We can tailor the packaging design specifically to your product, ensuring it meets your unique needs and enhances its overall presentation.

A proven process for
impactful custom mugs

Effective custom mugs transcends mere aesthetics. Each business possesses unique objectives, whether it’s optimizing costs or advancing sustainability initiatives. At MugFactory, we address these distinct requirements by offering a comprehensive, modular service across the entire mugs supply chain. Our experts spearhead each phase, ensuring your needs are meticulously met at every juncture.



Customized audit

Cost optimization

Packaging strategy

Supply Chain Optimization



Product Rendering

Physical sample

Product library

Independent creativity




Quick proofing

Pay back

Sample delivery



Product consistency

Production schedule


Product confidentiality



Route Optimization

Cargo Optimization

Just-in Time Delivery

End-to-end delivery



Customer satisfaction

Return or exchange

Full compensation

Project optimization

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Cost & time saved

From industry leading custom mug solutions aimed at reducing your time and costs for the best ROI.


More sustainable custom mug

Make your mugs greener and more sustainable with our talented team of experts.


Increase in sales

Our award-winning ceramic mug designers specialize in creating an effective first impression.


More reliable service

With our committed custom mugs specialists that is here for you 24/7 before and after the project.

Endless support, endless results

As long as you’re willing to work with us, we are willing to provide you endless support in order to achieve your ultimate custom mugs goal

30+ years of custom mugs business

30+ years of custom mugs business

Since its establishment in 1994, the company has pioneered, innovated, and forged ahead, becoming a professional ceramic mug manufacturer.

The company has gathered the most high-end scientific and technological talents in the ceramic industry, and has strong strength in product material research and development and industrial design.

We have cooperated with more than 200 overseas customers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Can provide the most complete ceramic mug customization solutions.

Multiple certificates, welcome factory audits

Congratulations on having multiple certificates and patents! Having these credentials showcases your commitment to innovation and rigorous standards in your manufacturing practices. It demonstrates that you prioritize quality, adhere to industry regulations, and invest in research and development. This further establishes your reputation as a reliable and forward-thinking company.

Commitment to cost optimization makes customers more successful

Commitment to cost optimization makes customers more successful

At [MugFactory ], we understand the importance of cost optimization in meeting our customers’ custom ceramic mug needs.

We have implemented various strategies to streamline our processes and provide cost-effective customization options without compromising quality.

Our commitment to optimizing costs allows us to offer competitive pricing to our valued customers while maintaining exceptional standards.

Full product life cycle services

Our mug customization service is designed to provide customers with full service coverage, taking your custom mug from idea to reality without any hassle. Our goal is to help improve your core business and keep your customers happy with your new and improved custom mugs.

Full product life cycle services refer to comprehensive support and assistance provided by a manufacturer throughout the entire lifespan of a product. It encompasses various stages, from initial design and development to production, delivery, and post-sales support.