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Modern Factory

Modern factory for ceramic mugs

Mugfactory has introduced intelligent manufacturing automation production lines in the daily ceramics industry and has 63 core technologies to further improve production efficiency and product quality.

Strong Factory Stand by Your Side

With a wide area and powerful production lines, our factory yields a high amount of custom mug to consistently meet growing demands.


Plant Area

100 million

Annual Production Capacity


Custom mug types



Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

Growing in a competitive industry has empowered us to develop safe facilities for the creation of quality ceramic mugs.


To surpass industry standards, we have trained our employees and skilled craftsmen to be attentive to every detail and devote themselves to realizing any brand’s vision.

Strong quality control

Empowered workplace culture

Compliant with international standards


Our commitment to protecting the environment makes us conscious of the reusability of our materials and the sustainability of our processes to reduce carbon emissions and contamination.

Strict inspection of raw materials

100% green work environment

ISO-certified facilities


Mugfactory prioritizes the security of our workforce and ensures that every material and process has been cleared for their safety.

Commitment to cost optimization makes customers more successful

Hygienic workshops

Regular safety drills

Contamination prevention

High-end Facilities

For handling a complete production, we have facilities that house state-of-the-art equipment for glazing, firing, casting, and other key manufacturing processes. Our workshops enable our workers to customize mugs, packaging, and other details to suit your preferences and realize your brand’s quality.

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A Closer Look at Our Workers

Our professional workers use advanced tools for the fine crafting of our ceramic mugs with attention to detail and dedication to meet your exact requests.

Full product life cycle services

Factory Certifications

Trusted globally, Mugfactory has earned BSCI, ISO and SEDEX certification for maintaining hygienic workshops and a thorough quality manufacturing process