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Can you produce less than your minimum order quantities (MOQ)?

Written By:Zeng Updated: 2023-10-26

As a professional custom ceramic mug manufacturer, we usually have minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements to ensure reasonable production costs and production efficiency. However, we also understand our clients’ individual needs and special circumstances. If a customer requires an order quantity less than our MOQ, we may consider the following options:

Additional Charges: Due to fixed costs of production and preparation, we may charge additional charges for small orders to make up the cost gap.

Storing inventory: If the customer agrees to pay the relevant fees, we can combine the products of the small order with other orders and withdraw the corresponding quantity of products from our inventory.

Product samples: We can provide sample orders to allow customers to make decisions after confirming and evaluating product quality.

The above options may vary depending on company strategy, product type and current production status. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the most accurate and detailed response to meet your needs.

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Since 1994, MugFactory has been focusing on the production of ceramic mug, which has always maintained sincerity and love, integrating ceramic art into everyone’s daily life, and is committed to providing global customers with ceramic mug and customization services.

As an innovative ceramic mug manufacturer, we help brands churn out best-selling products, helping them with the design, selection, production, and marketing of stunning ceramic mug.

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